1. "…..The exhibition was also the setting for the Metropolitan’s “Party of the Year”, on the night of December 9, where guests of honor were Galliano and Diana, former princess of Wales, who wore Galliano’s inaugural design for Dior. Tickets for the dinner party cost $1,ooo per person; those who came for just the drinks and dancing paid $140 each. In the crush to enter the dance party, one woman stepped on the hem of another woman’s dress and tore it. “You bitch, you’re ruined my $7,000 dress!”, screamed the victim, who punched the other woman in the face. Their escorts stood awkwardly aside, while the two women fought on the entrance stairs."
    — Exhibition Review: Christian Dior, The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Valerie Steele. Fashion Theory, volume 1 issue 2.
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