2. The Man Who Makes Light and Shadow, Rick Owens and Ai Tominaga photographed by Masashi Ohashi for Dazed and Confused Japan #6 September 2002

    (Source: archivings)

  3. Kim Sung, ph. Yong Gyun Zoo, Warm Wishes, Vogue Korea, August 2014. 

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  4. Kim Sung, ph. Yong Gyun Zoo, Warm Wishes, Vogue Korea, August 2014. 

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  5. blackcontemporaryart:

    Eric N. Mack
    Partition, 2014
    Acrylic, oil on pegboard, zip ties, rope and tiwne, Dimensions Variable (opens to 310 x 48 x 16 inches)

    see it here.

  6. Foxy Brown, ph. Steven Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, fall 1999.


    Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, ph. Steven Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, spring 2000. 

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  7. Oluchie Onweagba, ph. Steven Meisel, Vogue IT, August 1998. 

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  8. Gail O’Neil, Karen Alexander, Shakara Ledard, Clara Benjamin, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Kadra Ahmed-Omar, Kara Young, Cynthia Bailey, Tyra Banks, Beverley Johnson, and Oluchi Onweagba, ph. Annie Leibovitz, Women in Black, Vanity Fair, September 2001. 

    (Source: topmodelcentral)

  9. ph. Chikashi Suzuki, Purple Fashion no. 8, spring 2000. 

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  10. Oluchi Onweagba and Naomi Campbell, Louis Vuitton by MArc Jacobs spring 1999 Ready to Wear. 

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  11. Jordun Love 

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