1. banji-realness:


    They Are Wearing: PFW

    Photo by Kuba Dabrowski

    Shala Monroque is TRULY living!!!!

    That isn’t Shala, it’s her BFFL Michelle Elie

  2. bedpartymakeover Pretty much anytime a friend asks me to do their makeup, this is the eye I do for them, becuase it’s so fucking simple and pretty, and clean, but like, right. and you can do anything else to the face, but it’s a good non brown neuteral eye you know. Wow I’m really drunk. 

  3. bedpartymakeover it’s like this but not by a drunk at 1 am

    also: I really need to do my eyebrows. 

  4. Kayla Scott, Rick Owens spring 2015 Ready to Wear.

  5. Rick Owens spring 2015 Ready to Wear. 

  6. I really hope this trend takes off

  7. Go follow @shalamonroque and @michelle_elie (on the instagrams) because seriously, they are #fashion. 

    (Source: style.com, via harinef)


  8. Today I learned that the woman I work for, in addition to having worked with Alexander Calder, also collaborated with Issey Miyake.

    I feel really blessed to be helping catalog her retrospective. 

  9. howtobeafuckinglady:


    The top Black models of the 90’s discuss racism in the fashion industry 

    that annoying ass white woman with short hair was full of shit

    she’s dead now anyways lmao


  11. Adesuwa Aighewi, Vivienne Westwood Red Label spring 2015 Ready to Wear.