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    The top Black models of the 90’s discuss racism in the fashion industry 

    that annoying ass white woman with short hair was full of shit

    she’s dead now anyways lmao


  3. Adesuwa Aighewi, Vivienne Westwood Red Label spring 2015 Ready to Wear. 

  4. Vivienne Westwood Red Label spring 2015 Ready to Wear. 

  5. Emely Montero, Mary Katrantzou spring 2015 Ready to Wear. 

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  6. I don’t wanna school anymore

  7. Thom Browne spring 2015 Ready to Wear. 

    The looks that were worn in the set for this show were honestly kinda way cuter than what was actually shown. They were playful, they were easy to wear, while still being consistent with the brand. Granted, those Stephen Jones hats killed me, especially the ones that were a reference to Slaves of New York, where Bernadette Peters’ character makes a hat that looks like a jacket draped over the model’s head in the last runway show. 


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    Reblog with what you wear when the sky is silky black 
    and tomorrow is a promise awaiting to be kept.








  9. True. I’m kinda surprised Ataui hasn’t made most casts this season. Esp when she’s now well known for the disappearance thing. 


  10. Ouch 


  11. So, I love The Row and all

    ….but they need to get a new casting director. Let’s be real here, Coach had a more diverse cast.